The Naruto series returns this year with its third installment of the saga more known by the followers of this anime title. However it has not left very good taste for those who consider us fans of the genre fight and not Naruto. We bring you a very critical analysis with this latest delivery of Naruto Shippuden accompanied by a fairly complete narrated guide.

Have you ever wondered if really the term “game for fans” is actually a euphemism to defend a game that at best is mediocre? I say this because there is an intrinsic reality with these games, their fans are their biggest defenders, and they are the same ones that in the end qualify said game as “a game for and for fans”. Normally, that should be an added value of the game, an extra that satisfies the fans of x license and than to feel proud to the world. But unfortunately it is not usually like this. And this does not seem to me to be the case.

At this point there is also nothing to discover about a work like Naruto, has its good things and its bad things like any manga / anime, and because of its success, has also had multiple adaptations in both portable and desktop consoles. The best news for this saga in the world of video games was the arrival of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, as it allowed CyberConnect2 to faithfully convey visually the adventures of the inhabitants of the Hidden Village of the Leaf. Too bad that at the level of playable rather than evolving it is involuted.


Having surpassed the ten games on Naruto, in this new installment we are arguably placed just after Pain’s attack on the Hidden Village of the Leaf. After a prologue that is the best of the game, we will advance inexorably to the famous Fourth Great Ninja War living from different points of view the events.


The argument is what it is, and little can change in the background. In this respect, everyone who has read the manga knows what will happen in each chapter. The only surprises that we will take will always be negative since there are chapters certainly very boring, others very slow, others where the licenses that are taken with the history subtract spectacularity, and in addition there is a suppressed line of argument that removes sense to which we are living. This suppressed storyline would not have much importance if it were not because it was something that was already published well before the departure of the game, and because it creates a tremendous script hole in the game. Too bad they get bored with scenes and lines throughout the game, and in the end they want to hurry up.

Product Sheet

  • Developer: CyberConnect2
  • Distributor: Namco Bandai
  • Launch: March 8, 2013
  • Genre: Action & Fight (manga / anime)
  • Languages: English or Japanese (voices), Spanish (texts)
  • Format: DVD and BluRay
  • Multiplayer: Yes (2 players)
  • Online: No
  • Rating: PEGI +16

Availability and prices

  • (PS3) 55.95 euros
  • (Xbox 360) 58.55 euros

First impressions and gameplay

The gameplay of this Naruto is almost based on that of his predecessors, but instead of trying to find new formulas, other ways to satisfy players of the fighting genre, have chosen to further simplify the combat system. The result is not as different as it was before, playing this game is simple. And performing the secret techniques does not require much skill.

The best moments will undoubtedly be in the combat against giant enemies and in the situations in which we have to perform QTE. But as I said in the section of the argument, in my opinion the best of the game is already seen in the prologue. Almost everything that comes after is still a repetition or simple fighting that only lower the general level.

The difficulty is very affordable, except for specific moments. Very irregular in my opinion. At times you can pass the game blindfolded, and then a very specific type of enemy (Deidara more concretely) can cause you a cut of digestion by the absurd way you have to fight. As in the final measures of the game, you unnecessarily complicate existence without maintaining the level shown above. Because that is not that they are progressively increasing the difficulty, is that suddenly gives them simply and plainly for whoring.

It should also be mentioned that who plays this game, play, what is said “play” will do little good. One of the reasons is that it has incomprehensibly load times unworthy at this point in life. And another because there are few matches. You spend more time reading (unless you know Japanese or you control English very well) and looking at the screen grabbing the remote. Some of its defenders call it “interactive anime”. I call it a game in which you do not play. I can not find grace. By interaction I understand other things.

Graphic and sound section

Unfortunately the technical section is by far the best of this game. It is a shame that if you have to emphasize something that is technical in a game, but the truth is that it is the best section worked by a lot. The work of CyberConnect2 is praiseworthy during the fighting, and above all during the QuickTime Events that come in full action. The way the QTE combat transition is done is fabulous and the benefits of Cell Shadding are shown to the maximum. They are in those moments in which it really seems that you are in an “interactive anime”. In addition, with the possibility of putting the voices in Japanese, immersion in those moments is very successful.


On the other hand, when we are in the village or by the outside scenery, visually there is nothing to emphasize. The general detail and the quality of what we see on the screen is acceptable. This is noteworthy because curiously they show you the best you can do when you work hard at it, and also what happens when you leave sections as a “stuffing.” Equally it is not a curiosity, it is nothing that worsens the sensation of the game.


Personally I do not think lovers of fighting genres are happy. Naruto fans can defend the game by saying it’s a game for fans. But I think a game first has to try to be good, draw attention to good in all its aspects, and then if fans can also feel proud and say that it respects the essence that if it is adapted, better than better. As a player I do not recommend the game. And really, as a follower of Naruto, if you have to invest between eight and nine hours in this, better do it in the anime, which will be more profitable.

Battle Decks Legendary Arena

Hello gamers! I think it’s time to raise the level of Clash Royale and move on to a Legendary Arena guide. Although the players that are in Legendary Arena are not usually inexperienced players, it is not bad to show you a few decks that work really well. In this case we will speak of a deck of battle with the trio of musketeers, it is tried many times and with a result of very high victory. For consultation with the cards visit our guide of all the cards of Clash Royale.

Battle Deck for Legendary Arena

Let’s see the cards that make up this great deck of Legendary Arena and a small explanation about how we should use them or their main characteristics.

  • Mini P.E.K.K.A: This is one of the best cards of Clash Royale and we can get it from the same training camp. Raise whenever you can, it counts with much damage and enough resistance. A mini tank with an elixir cost of 4, a price that makes it very affordable in battle.
  • Minions: Letter formed by three flying minions that we will find from the sand 2. Weak against arrows but very good attackers together with a giant or other letter that receives the damage by them.
  • Elixir collector: There is not much to say, it is a building that every few seconds gives us an elixir. It is unlocked in Arena 6. This card can be used both to generate elixir and to generate distraction and damage enemies while attacking this building.
  • Poison: Inflicts area damage for 10 seconds, very useful to damage many troops at once. Of course it will not destroy a giant, but a horde of henchmen. It is achieved in Arena 5.
  • Ice Wizard: The legendary deck. I think you all know it already, its attacks on the part of powerful slow down the enemies. Hard to get card unlocked in arena 5.
  • Goblins: Card formed by three fast elves and with enough damage. They have little life so we must defend them correctly. You get them in arena 1 so everyone will count on this card without problem. Important to have enough level rise to fight in Legendary Arena.
  • Giant: It will be the tank par excellence of our deck. The key will be to throw it forward but keeping enough elixir to attack from behind with both the Magician and Uncle Musketeers. It is achieved in the training camp.
  • Trio Musketeers: We all know that the musketeer has good damage and that above attacks land and air, so imagine how the Mosque Trio works. This card is achieved in Arena 7, I hope you have achieved it as it is the cornerstone of our deck.

Battle with the Trio of Musketeer

We will talk first about what would be the perfect attack with this great deck. We will mainly load elixir to the brim and release the giant behind one of our towers. We waited a little and right behind we attacked hard with the Ice Mage, I choose the ice wizard because it costs less elixir and will allow us to defend while we move towards the rival towers. As soon as we manage with this clash royale hack tool to load the nine of elixir we will get the Trio of Musketeer, if this becomes so easy we have already won the game. But as we all know the opponents defend, so let’s talk a little about how to counteract the possible attacks that do us with this deck.

It is clear that we could defend with the trio of musketeers but to be very difficult to have both elixir in full defense, much better launch Mini P.E.K.K.A and henchmen. Let’s not forget that we have the poison, which we can always throw when the number of enemies is high or we have thrown a horde of henchmen, or combine the furnace of spirits with fire spirits. You really know that there are many possibilities and can attack us in a thousand ways and we must adjust our defense and attack with each game.

I would like you to be very clear that the best thing about the deck with the Trio of musketeers is to throw a tank in front that allows the musketeers to arrive near the tower, you will see how in a few seconds they will knock down the enemy tower and how they have enough life not the Will eliminate quickly achieving even more damage to what you have sent from defense.

2 of one of the most prominent kinds of reproduction are computer game swords as well as motion picture swords. Followers of the hugely prominent anime collection Naruto could obtain the most effective of both globes by having kunai blades in their collection. The kunai is a staple of the collection Naruto. The different ninja in the collection have special hallmark designs as well as tools. The only point that every personality makes certain to have actually concealed on his/her body is the dependable kunai. This makes the kunai one of the most fundamental foundation of the weapons in the collection, as well as for that reason the basis of any type of great collection that pays due tribute to the category.

Kunai are just one of the several tools that were established from typical devices. Not truly a blade, kunai were initially utilized throughout the Tensho period in Japan. They were a device most frequently made use of by individuals associated with horticulture and also stonework. Made from functioned iron, the kunai sides just weren’t sharp. The idea was ground to a detail. The device was made use of like a trowel would certainly be, to go into stuffed planet or to strike plaster or timber, or as a pry-bar. The device was developed with a loophole at the backside to make it possible for a rope to be linked to it. This enhanced the effectiveness of the device by enabling it to be made use of as a piton or support. In addition, the rope loophole can be utilized to affix the kunai to your body the method a carabiner may be utilized today.

Ultimately, ninja created strategies that made use of the kunai as a tool. While overstated tale adds to the picture of kunai being compatible with shuriken as a tossed tool, in truth the device was even more of an alternative to a blade with tossing being a last-resort strategy. The factor this device was ideal as a hidden tool is that it was standardized as well as low-cost. As tools were restricted, bring a typical device like the kunai was something that would not always thought about equipping on your own. In comparable style today, lugging a big searching blade would certainly obtain you jailed in the majority of public areas today, however having a big screwdriver would not occasion much interest whatsoever.

The anime collection Naruto has actually taken the globe by tornado. The appeal of the computer animated collection consists of TELEVISION collection, motion pictures, and also computer game. While the protagonist Naruto is the owning pressure behind the activity of the collection, the kunai is the hallmark tool of the ninja in the collection. These devices are the adhesive that hold the ninja with each other as a cumulative; the factor of commonness that maintains the numerous clans as well as towns from being, for all intents as well as objectives, various varieties. Without a solitary, unifying device or method, words “ninja” would certainly be worthless to the collection. The significance of this little device could be considereded as in any type of ninja fight in the collection, kunai are the occasionally last as well as very first choice for protection.

Anime collection need “branding” to embed the minds of individuals. Somebody intending to resemble Naruto cannot make matches of himself, jump structures, or utilize any one of the various other great powers the ninja have in the collection. Computer game swords as well as flick swords are a means we temporal males could link ourselves to our preferred personalities and also be our very own heroes.

Much of us, myself consisted of, liked Ultimate Ninja Storm 1, so visualize the exhilaration when I discovered there is one more one appearing! ^_^ Lets solve into it! In Naruto Shippuden – Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, there is primarily 3 significant components to this video game. Gamers will certainly have the ability to pick over 40 usable personalities and also it will certainly be usable globally online. Naruto Shippuden – Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, is a fight video game with activity as well as journey abilities. In regards to the Narrative, it will certainly start at the start of the Shippudden arc. It’s really going to integrate items that are not consisted of in the Shippuden anime collection. The video game will certainly be full of a great deal of dramatization. From the Shippuden collection, it will certainly present various kinds of personalities. A few of the personalities will certainly die throughout the gameplay, so it will certainly obtain remarkable.

Naruto Shippuden – Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 will certainly have 3 fight settings. They have actually dramatization filled up journey setting, online fight setting, and also choice setups for those that wish to be very discreet. These are the 4 selectable settings used yet for the many component, a lot of gamers will certainly be investing a great deal of time to the action/adventure scenes.

There’s a brand-new setting integrated right into the fights of Ultimate Ninja Storm 2. It’s in relationship to the use of assistance personalities as well as this moment around they are really able to produce combo-move systems where the gamer in fact operates in sync with the assistance personalities! As the gamers utilize the assistance personalities extra and also a lot more, there is a specific scale as well as soon as that scale gets to a particular restriction, you obtain an assistance setting where the gamer will instantly be aided by the assistance personalities and also that, in turn, attaches to unique combination steps with those assistance personalities!

And also if have any kind of fret about being a very first time gamer, are afraid not! You will certainly have the ability to appreciate the video game as well as all of the collection that the designers have actually developed. The video game is constructed around the idea that its great for the initial as well as laid-back time first gamers!

The solitary gamer project will certainly take about 15 hrs if you’re looking to play with the whole tale line. If you desire to be a completist, after that you are looking at 20-30 hrs.

Since Naruto Shippuden – Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is created PS3 and also Xbox360, there will certainly be demonstrations of both launched!

Think it! An unreasonable blonde hairdo and also scruffy orange apparel might indicate just one point: Naruto.

Naruto: Rise of Ninja is an Xbox 360 unique computer game that includes the eccentric Naruto. This video game originates from the very same computer game business that was in charge of games like Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell, and also Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon. Given that the video game takes many elements from the tv program, the story in the video game parallels the tv program.

Players will certainly have a chance to witness the Hidden Leaf Village as well as watch surroundings that is strangely reminiscent to the animation. The gameplay in this video game is a mix of both duty having fun and also activity. Gamers will certainly understand how you can speak with various other private citizens, strengthen characteristics, acquire devices and also devices, as well as achieve goal purposes. At the start of the video game, Naruto is rather of a derelict. He intends to come to be a Hokage, yet Naruto comes a cropper.

In an initiative to enhance his self-worth, he looks for to offer an assisting hand to others looking for aid. Even more and also extra pedestrians will certainly appreciate your efficiency when you proceed via the video game. There are 2 objective key ins the video game. One kind is the core purposes that even more the story, and also the others are the optional side missions. Most of the gameplay in the video game involves system combating and also leaping. Both the battling as well as system leaping aspects in the video game are performed in a natural style. The fight imitates the Jutsu maneuvers that are widespread in the animation. These strategies consist of mobilizing an appealing lady as well as duplicating himself.

The strategies differs relying on the personalities on the display. The battle series vary from the simple switch presses to some rather elaborate switch mixes that call for timing. There specific assaults that could just be executed based on the range of the enemies and also the circumstance. This video game has a well spherical dealing with plan that is engrossing.The system leaping sections in the video game are additionally well balanced. Naruto: Rise of Ninja is a difficult video game that does not deal with players like they are a number of premature youngsters. The video game does have its difficult minutes, yet they could be conveniently conquered with determination.

I seemed like the video game designers were paying a tribute to previous games in this very same style. Along with the major gameplay, there are some mini games to play. Naruto could engage in an auto racing mini video game that checks his running capability. All the abilities that you will certainly grasp is offered at simply one of the most favorable time. The video game does an amazing work of pacing you with the gameplay by maintaining you interested throughout. There is the substantial satisfaction of beating a manager as well as the dissatisfaction of shedding to a challenger.

Naruto: Rise of Ninja does not stint the quantity of web content either. This video game must take roughly fifteen hrs to end up from begin to finish. There is some online multiplayer that includes a Tournament setting, as well as it also tracks data for gamers through Xbox Live. The Xbox Live online assistance is not the real mass of the video game. The graphics in the video game does an exact task of standing for the tone of the animation.

All the design has a Japanese look to them, and also the settings are depictive of the tv program. Cel-shading was made use of in this video game along with it remained in games such as X-Men Legends as well as X-Men Legends 2. Players will really seem like they are submersed in an episode of Naruto. It is simply a take a breath of fresh air to see something various from the regular future generation visuals the Xbox 360 needs to provide. The sound in the video game has to do with as grand as the graphics. You will certainly listen to all the personalities from the anime repeating their functions in this video game, as well as the songs included some character the gameplay. In general, Naruto: Rise of Ninja could not always be for every person. Devoted fanatics of Naruto will certainly be amused.

Naruto games are typically a variety of negative and also inadequate; this certain PSP variation, with its ridiculous lengthy name, is well within the worlds of the last. Playing like a neutered Crisis Core, doing not have in any one of the nuance, tactical subtlety or manufacturing worths that made Square’s mobile RPG a lot enjoyable, this is one purely for the crazed number of Naruto extend there.

Situation setting presents as well as invites gamers to a tale that sees a somewhat various other Naruto battles myriads of identikit outlaws as well as various other such opponents for no genuine factor in fight that really feels loose, exceptionally uninteresting and also unreliable. Hammering the (Square) switch and also jumping you do not pass away is almost all the ability included, despite having the magic scrolls included.

Various settings of play are offered in Akatsuki Rising, consisting of multiplayer, however due to the fact that the dealing with engine is so mind numbering it’s difficult to assume why any person would certainly trouble with much of them, rather choosing to attempt to squeeze out some complete satisfaction from the Story setting.

It does not look excellent, though elegant might be said, as well as the voice performing is extraordinary, so in the method it makes you wish to eliminate in the video game. Generally discussion is of the precise degree you would certainly anticipate. Overall, if we need to listen to Naruto’s silly bothersome little voice over once again we’re possibly mosting likely to create a worldwide event.

Last Verdict
Akatsuki Rising isn’t really essentially damaged so it’s difficult to cross out totally. It is burning out to play as well as will certainly ony allure to followers of the spiky haired git with the silly one-piece suit. Every person else could gladly disregard this set.

Followers of anime tv collection will certainly enjoy the Naruto video game that has actually lately been launched for the Nintendo GameCube and also various other computer game systems. Having the ability to play in the Naruto sector is the supreme video clip pc gaming feeling as well as gamers will certainly invest hrs at a time overcoming the games in this preferred collection. Naruto cheats, nonetheless, are a little more difficult to find by compared to various other much more prominent ready the Nintendo as well as various other pc gaming systems, so we provide you below several of the Cheat off codes that we had the ability to discover. These cheats are for the Naruto video game Naruto: Clash of Ninja as well as we wish they assist you fight your means with this intriguing action in the Naruto field.

Personalities To Unlock

Gamers of this video game are mosting likely to desire the Naruto codes to open 3 various other gamers along with various other concealed items in the Hidden Lead Village. Below are the Naruto codes to open these personalities and also provide you a lot more alternatives for video game play.

Rock Lee – in order to open this personality you have to finish the tale setting then quit. Rock Lee will certainly come out as well as test Sasuke when you beat the personality Zabusa. Naruto after that has a possibility to face Rock Lee. He ends up being opened as well as you could play him when you beat Rock Lee.

Kyuubi Naruto – additionally referred to as the Nine Tails Naruto, you should open Rock Lee and afterwards play via the whole video game two times as each opened personality in solitary gamer setting. The video game will certainly after that inform you that you could push the Z or X control switch to cause this variation of Naruto.

Sharingen Kakashi – this is the duplicate ninja of the video game as well as you will certainly have to finish the solitary gamer video game with Kyuubi Naruto then as Kakashi to open this variation. The video game will certainly after that inform you that you could push the Z of X control switch to activate the Sharingen Kakshi variation.

Various other Items To Unlock

Ninja accounts – these could be opened by playing with the solitary gamer video game with each personality. You will certainly after that have the ability to review each of the personalities ninja accounts in the Extras food selection of the video game.

No Mask Haku – complete the video game on trouble degree 3 with Zabusa and afterwards push the Z or X switch to choose Haku. Haku could after that begin the video game without the mask he constantly puts on – as well as sheds with the video game.

Alternating outfits – you could transform your personalities garments by pushing Y rather than A to pick your personality.

The video game is a tough one yet these Cheat off codes ought to assist the passionate player unlock several of the a lot more fascinating facets of it. Do not provide up if you do not obtain with them the very first time around. We have actually all played games that have actually evaluated our psychological and also finger capacities to the factor that we have actually been attracted to with the controller via the television. If you maintain playing and also have perseverance, these Cheat off codes will certainly pay off and also the video game will certainly take on an entire brand-new measurement.

Bernice Eker is a professional on Naruto and also intends to assist individuals by sharing her know-how.